Boyd Food Used Food Machinery

Boyd Food Machinery is a specialist supplier to the global food processing industry.

Our focus is simple: providing top quality NEW, USED and RECONDITIONED industrial food processing machinery to businesses around the world.

Our priority is equally straightforward: offering independent advice to customers on the most affordable and effective solutions for them.

And our promise is consistent: to supply the best brand name equipment on the market even when budgets are tight or timescales short.

Our used and remanufactured machinery is a real alternative to new equipment.



High Tech Deboner / MDM Machine

Manufactured in 2010.  

Only used for 18 months.  

Type: HT 3.0.SS.  

Capacity: 3,000 kg / hr.  

Made from 100% stainless steel.  

High Tech is a Brazilian company that has expertise in the production of meat and bone separators.  Today it has a 90% market share in the Brazilian market and has machines located in more than 22 countries.  

Used for the separation of meat and bones of poultry, pork, beef & fish.  

Product can come directly from the line as there is no need to pre-cool.  

Raw materials can flow continuously into the hopper, there is no product retention and no temperature increase in the raw materials.  

The MSM / MRM has excellent texture and is high quality with low calcium content.  


Baader 696 Separator

Fully reconditioned and supplied with a new belt.

Comes with one drum:
1x 3mm drum
1x 5mm drum.


Batter dipper, tempura dipper, glazing dipper.

900mm belt width.

High specification with air blowers, air knives and adjustable outfeed conveyor.


CFS Koppens 400mm Multiformer.

GEA EasyFry - Electrically heated

1050mm belt width - teflon infeed, Rotofilter etc.

Formax F400 Patty Former.

Multivac R275 CD DARFRESH -

Sealed Air Cryovac MULTIFRESH - only operated for less than 400 hours.

Linde Cryowave Cryogenic Freezer -


Dorit Vacuum Tumblers.

Glazing Rigs -

For prawns, fish and chicken

Meyn Maestro Eviscerators -

Various Capacities

Seydelmann 120 Litre Bowl Cutter -

Reconditioned and available immediately from our stock.

Stein TM3 Tempura Batter Mixer.

Starfrost Hybrid Triple Belt Freezer.

Stork AMF-BX Breast Filleting Line -

In stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Kolbe MWE32 -

Mixer / Grinder

Baader 694 separator.

Feed Mill - For poultry feed

capacity 60 MT/hr.

Linco complete slaughter / EV / Chill line for 4,000 bph.

DSI plate freezers -

horizontal and vertical systems.


We are internationally recognised and trusted by finance companies, banks, coporate recovery specialists, liquidators and company directors. You can trust and rely on our team to deliver results throughout the world.


There is no other specialist asset sales company with the same worldwide contacts, reputation and capabilities.

We also work closely with other group companies who are specialists in:

Poultry Processing Machinery -

Real Estate / Property Development and Sales -

For an effective, reliable and professional service, please contact DAVID BOYD - GROUP CHAIRMAN.

Why Boyd Food Machinery is your Dedicated Partner.

We are friendly, well organised, effective and highly responsive to your needs. Our background in food manufacturing ensures we understand your issues and we strive to deliver on our promises to you. Your priority is producing food efficiently and safely. We are here to help and will assist, advise and partner you through every stage of your companys journey. You can truly rely on us.

Equipment to sell? Free up space for cash.

Please send us details of machinery you have for sale. We have the financial capability and experience to purchase all types of food processing equipment, packaging machinery and refrigeration and freezing systems throughout the world. We deal in over 80 countries globally and understand international business, local customs and logistics in all continents of the world. It is our business to understand your business.

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