Boyd Food Used Food Machinery

A Boyd International Ltda é um fornecedor especializado na área de processamento de alimentos.

Nosso foco é simples: fornecer maquinário de segunda mão e recondicionado de qualidade para processamento de alimentos para empresas ao redor do mundo.

Nossa prioridade também é direta: oferecer aconselhamento independente a clientes para que obtenham soluções acessíveis e eficazes.

E nossa promessa é consistente: fornecer equipamento com a melhor marca no mercado mesmo quando o orçamento é limitado ou o prazo é curto.

Uma alternativa real a um equipamento novo.

Ofertas Especiales


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Fish factory for sale

June 2016 - Complete fish further processing factory for sale - Contact us for more details. Freezing, Defrosting, Coating, Weighing, Frying, Packing, Portioning, Filleting. Read More...

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Engineered for Reliability | Used Food Machinery
International Food Traders

Internacional Comerciante de alimentos

Boyd International Limited also trade globally in meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables. Our dedicated packing sites and sector knowledge give us the edge in terms of product quality, traceability, pricing and supply chain.

Regular shipments (22-28 M/T per container) made to and from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and Central America, USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

From frozen beef feet to chicken wings; round mackerel to MDM; chicken upper backs and carcasses to cod fillets; frozen vegetables and fruit to fish baader mince; lamb ribs and bones to turkey necks and tails - we can deliver.

Our global sourcing policy means you benefit from highly competitive prices on regular, traceable supplies of quality raw materials. We operate to the highest levels of corporate governance and food standards.

Please click here to visit our dedicated website - International Food Traders.


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High Tech Deboner / MDM Machine

Manufactured in 2010.  

Only used for 18 months.  

Type: HT 3.0.SS.  

Capacity: 3,000 kg / hr.  

Made from 100% stainless steel.  

High Tech is a Brazilian company that has expertise in the production of meat and bone separators.  Today it has a 90% market share in the Brazilian market and has machines located in more than 22 countries.  

Used for the separation of meat and bones of poultry, pork, beef & fish.  

Product can come directly from the line as there is no need to pre-cool.  

Raw materials can flow continuously into the hopper, there is no product retention and no temperature increase in the raw materials.  

The MSM / MRM has excellent texture and is high quality with low calcium content.  

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Batter dipper, tempura dipper, glazing dipper.

900mm belt width.

High specification with air blowers, air knives and adjustable outfeed conveyor.

STORK InfraChill In-Line Bird Air Chiller

STORK InfraChill In-Line Air Chiller for Whole Birds with Refrigeration Plant


New chain fitted - only 3 months use
1470m (4780 feet) chain – 6” pitch

6 x Bitzer Compressors
Type: HSK7461-80)
Serial Numbers: 16271063,16271064,16271065,16271066,16271067, 16271068

Total Output: 825kW
Running on Gas R404

Baltimore Cooling Tower
Model: VXC S-328
Serial No: H021892

Goedhart Evaporators x 8
Type: PLK.S270M2



Steel Structure Building

Comprising of steel frame and purlins.

225,000 SQ FT (20,903 SQ. METERS)

5,000 SQ FT (464 SQ. METERS) Per Bay
42 FT (12 METERS) Eaves Height
90 FT (27 METERS) Clear Span

This was professionally dismantled.


Used Food Machinery - Our Aims

We aim to be cost effective, to supply and purchase used food processing equipment and all types of used food machinery without disruption to you the client, above all to give our best possible service at all times.

Please browse through our web site at your leisure. If your requirements are not listed please still contact us as our stock is changing on a daily basis. We will still endeavour to fulfill your needs".

Email us below with details of any machinery you may have for sale, we have the finance, the ability and skill to purchase all types of food processing and packaging machinery from single items through to complete factories throughout the world.

Boyd Food Machinery Supplies Top Quality Used Food Machinery and Used Food Processing Equipment for all different sectors of the food processing industry including ...

In order to supply the best used and reconditioned processing machinery we must locate and purchase pre-owned equipment.

We are cash buyers of the following types of machine:

grinders; bowl cutters; emulsifiers; dicers; conveyors; mixers; slicers; portion cutters; bakery mixers; puff pastry lines; metal detectors; check weighers; ready meals lines; pizza and dough lines; dairy and milk equipment; provers; retarder; proofer; ice cream plants; spiral freezers; volumetric fillers; compressors; fish and bone meal plants; IGF vegetable and IGF fruit freezers; ice makers; spiral mixers; planetary mixers; bread slicers; ovens; grills; teflon belt grills; smokers; kilns; bandsaws; predusters; tempura dippers; bottling; silent cutters; smoke houses; guillotines; block flakers; filleting machines; roll moulders; batter mixers; plate freezers; heading and gutting machinery; skinners; poultry processing plants; injectors; tumblers; batter enrobers; pluckers; stunners; slaughter and evisceration equipment; defeathering and plucking machines; forming machines; breading; battering and frying lines; coating and enrobing lines; roll plants; convenience food systems; bakery ovens; dough sheeting; flour dusting and crumbing; deck ovens; flo freezers; contact freezers; bread moulders; separators; vacuum fillers and piston fillers; canning equipment; equipment to manufacture hot dogs; franks; wieners; sausages; smoked sausage etc; depositors; pastry rollers; biscuit and confectionery equipment; chocolate and toffee equipment; sweets and confectionary plants; packing equipment; shuttle conveyers; 90° turns; 180° conveyors; naan and pitta bread lines; croissant and Danish make up lines; pizza and ciabatta production lines; baguette and roll plants; packaging equipment such as tray sealers; thermoformers; baggers; VFFS bagging machines; multihead weighers; graders; skin packers; flow wrappers; stretch wrappers and vaccum packers; biscuit machinery; eviscerators; pasty extruders and fillers; laminators; sheeters; silo; frozen food lines etc etcWe only deal with brand name manufacturers such as: Alpina; Tipper-tie; Laska; Baader; Seydelmann; VMK; Dantech; Frigoscandia; JBT; Double D; K&G; CFS; Deighton; Stork; Meyn; Marel; Magurit; Deleschal; AFOS: Bizerba; Trio; TempuMixer; Food Machinery Company; Multivac; Sealpac; Pro Seal; Crypto Peerless; OptiCoater; OptiDipper; Packaging Automation; Grasso; Sabroe; Fritsch; EasyFry; Wet Coater; Tempura Dipper; Frick; Rademaker; Loma; Cintex; Gunther; Kliklok; Inject Star; Polin; Tromp; Easy Crumb; Formatic; PerFormer; Forming Plates; Combi Flour; Easy Flour; Bradman Lake; CrumbMaster; EconoCrumb; CFS SmartPacker; Multiformer; EasyFormer; Fatosa; MTC; Foster; Esmach; VMI; Spooner; Benier; Polin; Cretel; Stock; Werner Pfleiderer; Mono; Tom Chandley; Kemper; Sottoriva; Rotomat; Biro; AM2C; Lima; CombiGrind; ComboGrind; Oddy; Mateline; Crypto; UniGrind; PowerGrind; AutoGrind; Powerpak; Ryco; AJA; Thurne; Meca; Reiser; Mepaco; Pokomat; Trio; FMC; Koch; Omori; Fomaco; BFM; Formax; Stein; GMC; Formatic; Treif; Hollymatic; Holac; Lagarde; DC Norris; AEW; Scanvaegt; Cozzini; Torry; Baltimore; Evapco; Linco; Saxon; Doboy; Bettcher; Sandiacre; Bosch; Ilapack; Prima; Corrvac; C.P; Geba; CVP; Steriflow; Baynflax; Apple; Turbo Tools; Pisces; Steen; Ferrum; Regal; Koppens; CFS; Boyd International; Townsend; Jacob White; Mecnosud; Iozelli; Risco Brevetti; Frey; Handtmann; Vemag; Rademaker; Abacus Foods; Germo; Wolfking; Dorit; Syspal; Cox and Plant; Rijkaart; Challenge; Heller; Blentech; Mondini; Cap Cold; Cryovac; PA; Rondo; Dodge; Sewar; MAP; Cabinplant; Carnitech; BCH; Dixie Union; Webomatic; Stephan; KS; Karl Schnell; Weber; Guisti; Omet; GEI Turbo; Urschel; Wrightfield; llpra; Yamato; Butcher Boy; Ulma; Delford; Total; Eilert; Ishida; Winkler; Tiromat; York; APV; Starfrost; Stal; Glass; Amritsu; Atlas; Orbmix; Revent; Scotsman; Ziegra; Pietroberto; Rheon; Schrofner; Formcook; Florigo; Grote; Easiweigh; Daub; Orbit; Escher; Hobart; Koma; Williams; Becketts; Gernal; Lutetia; Alco; Scansteel; Ruhle; Terlet; Maurer; Kilia; Brook; Varlet; Heuft; Millers; Coat and Fry; Heat and Control; Frigo; Wanson; Simo; Weiler; Beehive; Kaj Olesen; Kartridge Pac; Protecon; Second hand CFS machines; Safeline; Kronen; Busch; FTC; Graselli; CookStar; TurboCook; CombiGrill; Twin grill; Berief; Rotoclaw; Metalquimia; Carnitech; Maurer-Atmos; Reitschle; Fortuna; WP Haton; Haas - Hecrona; Den Boer; Kaak; Fritsch Euroline; Konig; Diosna; San Cassiano; Red Pack etc etc

To sell your used food machinery; refrigeration plants or complete factories please call us now on +44 1542 835885. We remove equipment worldwide. References available from leading global food groups.

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